Elegance for the Athlete: Cavalleria Toscana Has it All


For decades, riders have been walking a kind of fashion tightrope, balancing the need to represent themselves as athletes against age-old traditions (think: stiff collars and wool coats) that still dominate equestrian sports. For a time, it seemed we’d need to choose one school of thought and abandon the other—that is, until Cavalleria Toscana arrived on the scene.

(c) Cavalleria Toscana

Established one decade ago outside of Florence, Italy, the fashion label is redefining long-established notions of equestrian apparel. Its collection upholds the sport’s centuries-old devotion to timelessness and tradition while introducing revolutionary cuts and technical fabrics in their breeches, show coats and shirts, and streetwear designs. 

“We expanded [about five] years ago [into the North American market] and started doing all the shows, beginning with Wellington, and then experimenting on the West Coast as well. Now, we have retail shops and saddleries all over the States that sell our products,” says Cavalleria Toscana’s USA Brand Manager, Matteo Nannarelli.

(c) Cavalleria Toscana

Though overall, the line has been embraced enthusiastically, the American market’s hunter and equitation disciplines required some initial convincing, especially when it came to the brand’s more cutting-edge aspects. “We try to always be ahead with our fabrics and designs. In Europe, it’s been very well received, that’s why we decided to bring our different approach also in the U.S.,” explains Matteo.

“We actually introduced a hunter line specifically for the U.S. market last year. We collaborated with influencers and trainers such as Alexis Silvernale, John French, Jimmy Torano, Rachel Kennedy, Maria Rasmussen, Haven Schatt, and Ben Philips to create a collection that could really satisfy riders' needs. It was a real challenge, at first, but it’s going really, really well.

Each piece of Cavalleria Toscana clothing focuses not only on the fit, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties that have become the line’s hallmark, but also small details: subtle, laser cut-perforations for added ventilation; delicate ruffles, buttons, and other decorative touches on their show shirts; and revolutionary Compression breeches that reduce muscle fatigue while improving performance in the saddle.

 “There’s a lot of work put into each garment. Each detail has been studied in order to create a difference in terms of performance for the athlete,” says Matteo. “Everything in the line is really technical, but at the same time, it’s really elegant.”

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